Rod Hokenson ’53 Posted on February 18th, 2010 by

Our 2009 was bad news and good news: our home was burnt or smoked out in July, but a great insurance company came through and got us back a virtually new home complete with more up to date appliances; we also were able to add some needed or wanted repairs and renovations at far less cost than if done separately. They also paid for a nice apartment right next to the church I served for 17 years, 1972 ff, like being on an extended vacation. ….. Bad news was our 50 year old son was diagnosed with a rather rare form of dementia (frontal lobe of brain deteriorates, see FTD) that hits some mid-lifers, no explanation, no treatment options at present. Any good news out of that would be pulling our far spread family closer, and repairing relationships with his ex-wife and 2 teen-age sons who have joined us in our care-giving responsibilities. But there is no bad news in getting a fourth great-grandchild, unless you count their distance to St. Paul and to Upper Michigan. And good news was that my one-time parish in Hancock up dere in da nort’ among the pines and mines brought us back for a 40th anniversary of the beautiful new church we erected during our 8 years together. And there were our lovely granddaughter with her hi-tech husband and 3 little guys to greet us, while we enjoyed 4 nights in friends’ home alone because they were out west. God is good, helping us over life’s ups and downs, especially blessing us with mostly good health and a roof over our head and food on the table. Jim, our disabled son, continues to sing his way into the hearts of loved ones who have known him for years and reads music in spite of his cognitive impairment. We keep close to old Gustie pals who offer their moral support and occasional hospitality.

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