Adam Bjork ’98 Posted on May 26th, 2010 by

It has been a long and wonderful ride. My web site,, has been receiving a large amount of traffic and has been mentioned several times in industry publications. Not one to turn my back on opportunity, I have decided to suspend my career and focus on the full time operation of the Star Wars Toy Museum site. I hope that all of my alumni Star Wars fans will take time to visit my site and drop me a line.

May the Force be with you! Go Gusties!

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One Comment

  1. mccoydatiff says:

    at last we meet again obiwan…. but surely now we meet this last time…………….

    this is so lame…… my light saber just phuzzzt.

    never mind, put up you fist and let’s just hit hit each other like in the old time…

    What, no hitting on the internet, i mean can’t we just space warp and meet earlier……

    grrrrrrrrrrrrr. where is that dumd anilihation button…………..damn i shouldn’t say ton, my dentures fall out everytime

    just you wait and see. or hear, or get someone to tell you it actually happened

    this ain’t over yet