Pauline Yoman Lang ’76 Posted on June 19th, 2010 by

In Memoriam:
Pauline Yoman Lang ’76 of Bend, Oregon, passed away unexpectedly of natural causes on May 24, 2010. She was a vision services teacher with High Desert Educational Service District of Bend. She is survived by her husband, Donald Lang, and son, Peter, of Bend, Oregon, daughter Lene Lang of Beaverton, Oregon; sister Faith Yoman ’74 of Santa Fe, NM; brothers Steven Yoman of New York, NY, and Jerome Yoman ’79 of Beaverton, OR.

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  1. deborah gustafson says:

    The family of Pauline has all my sympathy for their loss. I remember Pauline as I wonderful,kind and giving person who made cornish game hens and lefse in the dorm kitchen. My experience at Gustavus was richer and more complete just knowing a person like her. In my memory bank she still is there smiling and laughing at the adventures we had. If she or her sister had auditioned for american idol I am certain they would have been the winners. I cannot fathom how deep the sense of loss is for the family but I know that my life was better having her there. I know I will see her again.

  2. Lene MacKenzie says:


    Thank you so much for commenting on this post. It warmed my heart to hear about your memories of my mom, especially since they sound so characteristic of who she was. I am so excited to see her again someday, too.