Jon Grossardt ’73

Posted on April 2nd, 2012 by

Just a follow-up to last fall’s post – the movie that I was fortunate to be involved with is now being shown in private screenings and is scheduled for several film festivals with release to the public on DVD and BluRay on May 29. It has been re-named from “Souvenirs” to “Memorial Day”. As a refresher, it was filmed entirely in Minnesota, mostly at the Kasota quarry and at Traxler’s Game Preserve in Le Center, with scenes being shot also at the St. Peter cemetery and other local sites. More information may be found at their website http:/ My contribution was as an armorer and extra (WWII German Paratrooper).

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    • Jon Grossardt says:

      It was an original1st Model FG42 that was supplied by a Minnesota collector. They are quite rare and the belief is that no original has been used in a major motion picture before this film.Consequently, there is a close-up of the weapon firing (with blanks, of course).

  1. Gerard says:

    Did you beg some real range time? Does the owner shoot it much or keep it in a safe?

    • Jon Grossardt says:

      No real range time. Just blanks. The owner also has at least one of the 2nd Models that he brought to the film. I worked with him to get them blank adapted for the movie. I don’t know if or how often he may shoot them. He did have the scope mounted on the 2nd Model also.