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Heidi Newbauer ’06 worked as an editor after graduation and then received her Masters in Arts with a concentration in Holocaust Memoirs from Mankato State in 2010. Heidi is currently a part-time English Instructor at South Central College. In 2011, she was selected as a participant among six other teachers and scholars for the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation’s Berlin Sommer Akademie in Berlin, Germany. The seminar was an intimate and intense look at Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust in Berlin. It was a great experience for Heidi and she can’t wait to go back to Germany and travel more! Heidi also continues to do independent research projects and volunteer work within the local St. Peter and Twin Cities areas. The two pictures attached are of Heidi standing in East and West Berlin (in front of the remaining part of the Berlin Wall that stands today), and the group of people who were a part of the Akademie, along with Margot (in the middle), a Holocaust survivor of whom she heard her survival story.

All in all, she is in a good place right now, and is always proud to be a Gustie!

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