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Stacey Ginsburg ’94, published her first book through Bone Soup Press & Girltruth from the Belly is a coming of age adventure memoir.

After escaping from her small town and small town problems, our heroine meets the Devil in Moscow. Myth and cold hard truth guide her out of the belly of the wolf. Chaos and awakenings, both teenage and cross-cultural, are woven with Little Red Riding Hood, the Lost Girl of Little Girl’s Point and Vassalissa the Brave.

This coming of age adventure reads like a Russian nesting doll, opening story upon story, from an isolated Midwestern town and into the heart of the former Soviet Union’s transition from Communism to Democracy.

Baba Yaga says,“What will you turn up with, bones or butter? Ni Boyitsya devuskha, eto tolka dusha.” “Don’t be afraid girl, it’s just the soul.”

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