David J Benson ’69 Posted on March 7th, 2014 by

An update from David J Benson ’69:

Still in Colorado and live part of the time in Frisco in the middle of ski country at 9,100 feet. 280+ inches of powder so far this year. The road bike logs thousands of miles up here in the summer. Helped Annie Lundholm/LIeben’s son get started with skiing a couple weeks ago. Having tried retirement twice, I’ll be giving it a third try in another year or so. Kotzer and I thinking about sitting on park benches and behaving badly. My organizational work with schools, districts and school boards has been just too interesting and rewarding with work in the US and in places like Cairo and Dubai. Been able to travel to 31 countries on six continents in the last decade including relatives in Sweden, supporting a health project in Tibet, and recently in Kiev and Sebastopol before the crisis. Was able to see all three dead comunists too. So life is good. Buddha says “the trouble is you think you have time.” So true, having just said goodbye to Bruce Endstead in Boulder and knowing we all too will sometime end this journey. I for one am grateful all over the place.

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