Karen Hoeg Kennedy ’07 Posted on July 15th, 2014 by

Our group of Gustie friends is expanding into a new generation! We host frequent “Gustie Gatherings” at our home in Shakopee, MN and on July 29, 2014 we got this great photo of our Gustie friends and their children.
Pictured from left to right front row: Adam Ingaslbe (2006) holding Lucy Inglasbe, Laura (Kojetin) Ingalsbe (2007) holding Grace Ingalsbe’s hand, Erica (Duinn) McDougal (2007), Katy Johnson (2007) Nicole (Wilker) Shaw (2007) holding Mackenzie Shaw’s hand, Matt Kennedy holding Mya Kennedy, Karen (Hoeg) Kennedy (2007), hand on Ben Kennedy.
From left to right back row: Jon Grau (2007) holding Elijah, Kristina Grau (standing right in front of Jon and Elijah) Tim McDougal (2006), Daniel Shaw (2006)

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