Gregg “Spike” Carlsen ’75

Posted on April 6th, 2015 by

Gregg “Spike” Carlsen ’75 graduate has released his fifth book Cabin Lessons: A Nail-by-Nail Tale: Building Our Dream Cottage from 2x4s, Blisters and Love (Storey Publishing). The book chronicles a two year journey he, his wife and their blended family of five undertake while building a cabin on Lake Superior. “It began as a how-to book on building a cabin—and wound up as a memoir that uses the building of a cabin as a way of looking at the bigger things in life,” explains Carlsen.
Carlsen’s previous books include The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects, Woodworking FAQ, and the award-winning A Splintered History of Wood. He continues to write for “The Family Handyman,” “Mother Earth News,” “Men’s Health” and other magazines. Last year Spike was one of the featured writers at the St. Peter Book Festival held at Gustavus. He and his wife, Kat, divide their time between their home in Stillwater and their cabin on the North Shore. More information on Spike and his books can be found at

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