Terese Waters-McCabe ’80 Posted on June 29th, 2016 by

When, after finishing a trail hike in Haines, Alaska, Terese Waters-McCabe (’80) asked a local hiker for the number of a taxi, she didn’t realize there would shortly be a mini-Gustavus/Minnesota reunion. The small Southeast Alaskan town has no taxi service, but Nancy Hanson Nash (’70) and husband Dwight, longtime Alaskans, offered to give Terese and her husband, Mike, a ride into town on the hot day. Introductions soon brought up the Gustie ties, and Nancy and Dwight took Terese and Mike to the beautiful new Haines Brewery on Main Street, where this picture was taken. There they met brewery co-owner Paul Wheeler, originally from Owatonna, MN. Terese and Mike live in Eden Prairie.

Terese Waters-McCabe ('80) and Nancy Hanson Nash (’70)

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