Nancy Eddy ’66 Posted on November 16th, 2017 by

Nancy Eddy writes, “Though “retired” from teaching I still sponsor an after-school Geography Club (this year the largest, 17 boys, 3 girls) for which I write a weekly world news quiz and also questions for various world regions that require the students to use the atlas to search out specific answers. Each week I cook something unusual from an area of the world that we are studying and bring it for the students to taste. For example this week the snack was Tajikistan Carrot Pilaf. For our last meeting, in December, I will make Swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce and whipped cream, in honor of my Swedish roots and remembering my years at Gustavus. My students are preparing for the National Geographic Bee. Also, I am active in a large International Women’s Association which uses space in my church for weekly meetings, dinners, and English lessons. My 3 special young friends there are from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Iran (where I lived as a child). Pittsburgh is a city of many cultures, and I am lucky to be able to enjoy friendships and share customs with so many young people as this organization begins its 51st year here.”

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