Get to Know a Gustie: Jane Norman-Leitzman ’69 Posted on February 26th, 2018 by

Grad Year: 1969

Major: English

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN

Current City: St. Joseph, MN

What is your first Gustavus memory? 

Probably move-in time. Mr Knautz trying to teach us the Gustie rouser!

What was your favorite class and/or professor and why?

Esby, Dr. Alexis, Dr Suderman, Larry Owen, Dr. Clark.

What do you miss most about your time as a student?

The constant exploration that took place in so many ways—classroom, small groups, planned and impromptu events, late night review of days with friends.

What brought you to campus the last time you visited?

Christmas in Christ Chapel.

How has your Gustavus experience most impacted your life beyond the Hill?

The group of significant friends who are classmates;  Gustavus is a strong connection point.  In his baccaulereate speech Chaplain Elvee included “The party’s over..It’s time for you to go.. You can always come back, the lights will always be on.”

What do you most enjoy about being a Gustie alum?

Of course reunions, campus events like Christmas in Christ Chapel, but also the big broader connection to community that is Gustavus.


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