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Christy Anderson ’98 is a Director at Claremont Canopy in Claremont, CA. Claremont Canopy is a grassroots organization founded to support refugee resettlement in the Inland Empire in southern California.. As Director of Claremont Canopy, Christy was recently awarded the California 41st Assembly District Women of Distinction representing Claremont. Most of us are moved by the upsetting images of worn-torn refugees forced to flee their countries because of persecution, war, or violence. Christy Anderson, founder of Claremont Canopy, was not only distressed, but felt called to action to create her grassroots, humanitarian, refugee resettlement organization last year. Not just survive but thrive A she watched the world discriminate against these helpless victims of their devastating circumstances, Christy’s could not idly sit by. She believed her community, if given the chance, would rally to support her organization by providing them with a welcoming, affordable and sustainable area to build new lives. In the last year, she led a dedicated team of translators and a dozen or so volunteers to enable nine families to resettle in Claremont. The families, cared for by Christy, have all said they consider her part of their family. Christy, a wife and mother of four children, Minnesota-native is affectionately called “Barbie” by the refugee families. “We can’t live without her” When asked what she gains from offering life-changing help, Christy humbly replies, “I become a better person for knowing these incredible people.” The effort has changed her in a “life altering and positive way.” Each refugee family have mutually declared Christy an adopted family member. Claremont Canopy operates off of individual donations, with plans to transition under a charitable, non-profit umbrella.

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