Get to Know a Gustie: Grady St. Dennis ’92

Posted on December 4th, 2018 by

Current Company/Organization: Gustavus Adolphus College

Job Title: Chaplain and Director of Church Relations

Grad Year: 1992

Major: International Management, Japanese

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Current City: Edina, MN

What is your first Gustavus memory?

Driving up the College Avenue hill and arriving early for the tryouts for the Gustavus soccer team.

What was your favorite class and/or professor and why? 

Probability and Statistics with Jeffery Rosoff. I loved this class because of Dr. R’s sense of humor, wonderful laugh, and engaging teaching style.

What do you miss most about your time as a student?

In general, I miss that stage of life and the quality time with friends and wide variety of learning options that I had at Gustavus.

What brought you to campus the last time you visited? 

Considering the fact that I work here the obvious answer would be along those lines. However, as a father of two Gustavus students there are many times I am on campus more so as a father. Most recently, I was a very proud father to watch my daughter sing in Christmas in Christ Chapel.

How has your Gustavus experience most impacted your life beyond the Hill? 

Gustavus taught me how to learn and was an environment where I could discern my core values and how to integrate them into my life and work. Also, the friendships I developed at Gustavus have been lifelong friendships which has contributed so much to my life and sense of purpose.

What do you most enjoy about being a Gustie alum? 

I enjoy being a part of something greater than myself and the sense of shared community we have with each other at Gustavus. Also, I am grateful for the way Gustavus engages alums with the opportunity to stay active in the lives of young people and contribute to their learning journey as a mentor.



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