Long-Term Insurance Care

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Long-term care insurance is just one product available through the Alumni Association Insurance Program.  Long Term Care (LTC) insurance can help with costs for in-home care, adult day care, or even assisted living.  Why buy LTC insurance before your next birthday? Because your age when you apply will impact your premium payments for as long as you have your policy.  For instance, the average annual premium for a long term care policy purchased by a person age 55 or younger was $1,831. When the same policy was purchased by someone between the ages of 70-74, the average annual premium was $3,421.  Learn more about Long-Term Insurance Care at http://meyerandassoc.com/gustavus.



  1. Kim holmquist says:

    What company underwrites this LTC product?

  2. William H. Murphy says:

    How can I apply?

  3. Erik Scheurle says:

    Do your homework on Long Term Care — what are the benefit triggers, elimination period, services in-home or only after institutionalized, etc. Remember that it is better to go long and thin (benefit payable for a longer time) than short and fat (big benefit for a few months). Ask any “sales” person a lot of questions. Get a product that is the best fit for you.

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