Don’t miss the 2013 Building Bridges Conference

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BBThe 18th annual Building Bridges Conference, titled “Sentenced for Life: Confronting the Calamity of Mass Incarceration,” will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2013. This student-initiated, student-led diversity conference will engage in important dialogue about mass incarceration in America’s prison system. Topics will include America’s growing prison-industrial complex, the race and class components of mass incarceration, and the current societal paradigm surrounding crime and punishment. If you have any questions about the conference, please visit or e-mail



  1. Linda Blanding says:

    I was astonished and dismayed to read the names of your keynote speakers. Angela Davis is a member of the Communist Party and Socialist Party, and Marc Lamont Hill is closely aligned in his political beliefs.

    Who is on your program to balance the radical views of these two individuals?

    • Michael Weston says:

      I am genuinely curious as to why it would be dismaying that the keynote speakers possess political leanings that fall in line with the issue the conference is attempting to raise awareness about. Say what you will about the speakers, but it’s difficult to dispute the statistics showing the disparity both in regards to the American criminal justice system versus systems in other countries and in regards to the disparity in arrests of minorities compared to whites, especially when those statistics do not actually match up with crime rates for those sub groups.

  2. Jon Roadfeldt says:

    Someone asked why the the endowment fund is so small compared to the other Same sized schools? The above comment says it all.

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