Gustavus at the Minnesota State Fair

Posted on July 9th, 2013 by

alLook for Gustavus at “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.” Gustavus will again host a booth at the Minnesota State Fair in the Education Building, Aug. 22–Sept. 2. Stop by the booth after you have had your cheese curds and pronto pups and you will find friendly faces, Gustavus information, Gustie Grams, and a cool giveaway. High school students can enter to win a Gustavus shirt. Wear your Gustavus apparel to the fair to show off your Gustie pride!




  1. Mike Duebs Dueber '89 says:

    This might be a FANTASTIC place to spread the word about the Gustavus Alumni Mentoring Program and help people get signed-up for more information. With whom can I speak about adding materials, etc?

    Duebs ’89

  2. Student says:

    What is the Gustavus Alumni Mentoring Program?

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