Welcome, Class of 2017

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greeters“BEAT EM, BUST EM! THAT’S OUR CUSTOM! GUSTIES WILL SHINE!” The Gustie rouser has been going off in spades these first few days of September as the College, led by the Gustie Greeters, welcomes the Class of 2017. There are over 640 students in this year’s class of first-years, and 19 percent of the class are legacy students, meaning they have had a parent, grandparent or sibling attend Gustavus. We are so excited for all of our new students to start making their own Gustavus experiences in the weeks to come. Photos from Move-In Day and First-Year Orientation can be viewed on the Gustavus Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/gustavusadolphuscollege or on the Gustavus Flickr Page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gustavusadolphuscollege/sets/72157635303743706/.


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  1. Clarice Rossow says:

    When is the author of A PEARL IN THE STORM speaking? I would love to hear her and see her. Our oldest granddaughter is a freshman there and I gave her the book, did not get to finish it myself so ordered 2 through Amazon.com. I seem to recall that she is also speaking downtown during the daytime.

    Erika Rossow is our granddaughter and a talented, very nice girl. She contributed a lot to her high school and church activities and we all love her. I am pleased that she started there. I attended GA for 2 years and then was invited to teach a rural school near my home (father died in an auto accident) so my degree is from Drake University and I also studied a summer in Boulder, Co.

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