2014 MLK Memorial Lecture – Jan. 20

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Diane-NashGustavus will host Diane Nash, a pioneer in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, for the 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Lecture. Nash’s lecture is titled “Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement.” Nash’s involvement in the nonviolent movement began in 1959 while she was a student at Fisk University. In 1960 she became the chairperson of the student sit-in movement in Nashville as well as one of the founding students of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. During the spring of 1961, Nash played a crucial role in sustaining Freedom Rides initiated by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Lecture is an annual event on the Gustavus campus that has previously drawn prominent speakers such as Taylor Branch, the Rev. C.T. Vivian, and Bernard Lafayette Jr. This year’s lecture will be held on January 20, 2014, at 10 a.m. in Christ Chapel. The lecture is free and open to the public.



  1. Kit Olson says:

    Any chance this will be recorded or streamed? It would be fantastic to hear her speak, but I cant get away from work.

  2. Betty Schlotthauer says:

    It sounds like a very interesting program. If I can get myself in gear early enough, I may try to make it.

  3. Dan R. says:

    Hello, Has there been any improvement in the acoustics or sound system in the Christ Chapel? Any planned?
    We have attended various offerings and services there. We have found that the only spot with any hope of hearing is the balcony. (The Terri McClure book lecture was particularly frustrating – both for Ms. McClure and for the audience.)
    Great offerings, and we would love to continue to support them. However, the venue is unfortunately very disappointing to hear adequately.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Event Technical Services says:


    To address you question regarding past sound issues in the Chapel at major events, here are some updates regarding changes since and planned changes that are still in the works.

    We don’t anticipate any improvements/changes to the acoustics in the space any time soon since that would greatly alter the appearance of the room unless a major renovation would happen in which different building materials could be used on certain surfaces to cut down on unwanted reverberation in speaking situations while not completely altering the wonderful acoustics many have come to expect at musical performances.

    That said, last fall there was an issues with an unexpected equipment failure that effected the performance of the sound system on the main floor during the presentation given by Ms. McClure, in which there was no sound coming from the main floor speakers (that’s why it sounded much better up in the balcony where the speakers were working). That failed equipment has since been replaced and the performance of the overall sound system is greatly improved. Additional wiring and power changes are still in process so that we will be able to monitor the system’s performance and be alerted to issues that come up before they happen moving forward so we can avoid situations like the one you experienced last fall. The complete signal and power rewire will be completed during our upcoming ‘Touring Week’ which is the week in between January Term and Spring Semester, which will further improve and protect the system moving forward. If you are able to join us on Monday, we hope you will notice the difference.

    Given the acoustical properties of the space, speech intelligibility can still be a challenge for some individuals if the presenter starts to talk at a rapid pace, even when the sound system is working at peek performance. The sound system in the Chapel does have an ‘Assisted Listening’ system built in where those who are still having a hard time hearing or understanding can ask for an individual receiver that will allow that person to ‘tune in’ to the audio feed with headphones and the ability to adjust the audio level to what is appropriate for that individual person’s needs. If you (or anyone else) should feel the need to use one of these receivers, please talk to one of the ushers at the event and they will assist in getting one to use.

    We always welcome any feedback on what we can do better to serve those who join us on campus at events, so thank you for asking.

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