Student Voices at Gustavus

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student voicesThis spring, Gustavus Library Associates is funding a student research project, “Student Voices at Gustavus.” Theatre and history major Katelyn Juni ’15 is creating a public digital history project based on material from the College Archives – and from alumni like you.  During your time at Gustavus, what challenges did you face? What college activities left a lasting impact? What place on campus holds special memories? What was a defining moment for you at Gustavus? Just a few lines will do.

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  1. David Wold says:

    I was a History/English major at GAC and graduated in 1960, a long time ago. After graduation, I earned Teacher Certification at GAC and taught high school in Roseville and at the U of M Laboratory High School. Teaching was a wonderful experience, which I benefited from after moving to Sweden where I taught evening classes in Chinese Cooking and English as a Foreign Language. But! The best and most rewarding experiences from GAC was my work as Sports, Assistant Editor, and Editor of the Weekly. All-America honors every time.This experience is that which I capitalised on during the second half of my life spent in Sweden where I wrote and published many magazines for companies in the forest products industry. Thanks to this experience I’m now happily retired without a worry in the world. OK. Perhaps just a few, but nothing overwhelming. Thank you GAC.

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