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So what’s in a name?  Around my house I’m known as “GACDADY”  Huh?  Two years ago my kids gave me a vanity license plate:  GACDADY.  That was a signal that my second child (Katie) had made a commitment to follow her brother (Ben) to Gustavus.  With two kids at GAC, that confirms that we have become Gustavus Geeks at our house.  Check out this video to see what I mean!

As we prepare for the Class of 1985 25th reunion, I’m wondering…does anyone from our class actually feel OLD ENOUGH to be attending the 25th reunion?  When I was a Gustie Greeter at GAC, I vividly recall seeing the 25th reunion class returning to campus.  They were unleashing their Gustie pride in ways that were both inspiring and slightly pathetic…I think I can recall several of them who must have pulled a fun-muscle in their frenzy.
So, now that’s us!  Through the good work of your Great committee…we’ve arranged for a pass-the-hat party at Whiskey River.  No formal program, just serious reconnecting.  We never said ‘no’ to a party…so we don’t expect ‘no’ to this!
Stay tuned for more shameless promotion.  We’ll keep after you until you say “yes!” to something.


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  1. Sheryl Bjork says:

    Hey Paul–love the video!