1990 20th Reunion Top Ten Reasons to Attend

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After moving away from Minnesota over fifteen years ago to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming there are certain times of year that I get hit with a distinct pang of homesickness. At the top of that list is early autumn or “back to school” time of year. Each fall, I think back to those autumn days at Gustavus─walking to class with the leaves falling, lounging with friends on a sunny afternoon or watching a football game. Given my weakness for autumn in Minnesota, I’m definitely planning on attending our 20th Reunion and thought I’d outline my top ten list to sway those out-of-towners who may be on the fence about attending. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in September! Regards, Lori Ostrom Crabtree

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Class of 1990’s 20th Reunion

10. Try to remember your old post office box number and dorm rooms.
9. Tour the campus and see all the major changes.
8. Sing “Beat ’em, bust ’em, that’s our custom!”
7. Drive past the Jolly Green Giant on your way down to St. Peter.
6. Get a big helping of “Minnesota Nice” – you know you miss it.
5. Check out the Flame Bar – will Ace be there and is Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” still on
the jukebox?
4.  Look fondly at old photos of great hair – perms, mullets, and BIG hair.
3. Walk down memory lane with old friends.
2. Start remembering peoples’ names/faces now so the 50th reunion won’t be so difficult.
1. See if Michelle Dressel Meiners will twirl her fire batons one more time.

Lori currently lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming working as a public relations consultant. She tries to head outside and enjoy the surrounding mountains with her husband and two children as often as possible.


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