More Advice for the Class of 2011

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Make a “bucket list” of everything you want to do during senior week – then DO IT! Go to lunch at El Agave, Check out the Historical Treaty Site, Go to the Cox house, Hunt frogs in the Arb, Have a picnic at 7 Mile, Watch the stars from the end of the world — Do whatever you want!

Gustavus will forever be part of your most cherished memories of your lifetime. Gustavus is not just a place where students go to college it’s a community and a home. During these final days don’t hesitate to do what your heart tells you. You will never be able to relive these final moments at Gustavus so live them to the fullest. Visit the arb one last time, take a stroll around campus, eat one last frost your own, visit the dive, enjoy the library, run around lund & most of all enjoy the people because when you leave nothing will ever be able to compare to the close knit relationship you have with the Gustavus community.

Take pictures of your daily life at Gustavus! My friends and I just doing every day things in every day places (checking our PO, eating in the caf, pics with profs and fav classes) my last few weeks at G-A-C are among some of my favorite pictures from college. Enjoy the final week of a wonderful four years!


My advice? Focus on what’s important. Figure out the things you enjoyed doing the last three years and do those things. This is your last month on campus, enjoy it! Also, really take advantage of Sr. week as the last hurrah before you leave. You may not know it now, but a lot of your friends will move away, or maybe you’ll move away, sometimes quite far. This is really the last time you and your class will see each other on a daily, hourly, minutely basis; have fun with that!


The last few weeks before the commencement are weeks that you’ll never forget! I see my Gustie friends every once in a while, and most of the time our conversations drift back to those few weeks. Hanging out on campus, walking the streets of St. Peter, with summer right around the corner, it’s definitely a time you won’t forget! Make the most of it, because it’s a once in a lifetime experience!

I suggest that you take a return visit to your freshman dorm room. This small room is more than a Cliché symbol of the beginning of your college experience. It is a reminder that it does not take much to be happy, that wonderful and brilliant surround us, and, perhaps, the unknown future is not something to fear.


When you’re standing in the stadium during commencement-having the best day of your GAC life-remember that feeling and write it down somewhere. Someday, when things are not as awesome as they are that day, you can read it and remember how much you’ve accomplished and all that you have to be proud of. It’s like a pep talk to your future self.


Step inside Christ Chapel late at night when the campus is asleep, hear the slow drip of the fountain fill the space. Step outside, past the jungle plants, hear the dissonant sounds of the crickets. A late night stroll back to my College View and beneath the starlight overhead…a time for reflection…I always felt most at peace on nights like this, and most connected to this place that marked some of the most happy years of my life. Take a moment to find enjoyment one last time in these simple pleasures of Gustavus!


Wake up early and go for a run through the arboretum. Eat a big breakfast at the caf. Read a book on the hill in front of Old Main. Play some frisbee, and look at the stars from Olin.


Spend quality time with your friends – these may be the last weeks you’re all in the same place at the same time for a long time. Get a group together and have a cook-out at 7-Mile Park on a Saturday afternoon, then stay and build a campfire in the evening. Reflect and share your memories of the last 4 years. Leave the electronics behind, and really connect with one another. Take a photo with your friends at the Gustavus sign. Make memories together, so that when you all get together in a few years, you can reminisce about the great times you had during those last few weeks on the hill.


Find your way into the tunnels. Say thank you to the people over the last 4 years who have influenced you in some way. Sit on the steps of Old Main late at night.


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