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The Department of Theatre and Dance at Gustavus presented the timeless classic Hamlet in Anderson Theatre this May 5-14, 2011. The matinee on May 8th was a particularly special performance because a few alumni and members of the cast from the 1966 performance of Hamlet attended that performance. Linda Gulder Huett ’66 played the role of Gertrude, Gary Rankila ’68 played Horatio, and Eric Gustavson ’66 played the tremendous role of Hamlet the last time Gustavus put on a production of Hamlet. They enjoyed the performance immensely, and both casts had a good time meeting each other and discussing the performance at a reception afterwards, which included reciting many Shakespeare lines!

Pictured above are the Hamlet Casts: (Front to back)

Amy Seham (Director), and Rush Benson ’13.

Alex Christenson ’13, Comfort Dolo ’14, Jane Chung ’13, and James Freetly ’12.

Tim McComas-Bussa ’13, Rob Ward ’14, and Ben Kolis ’12.

Megan Myhre ’11, Peter Nygren ’11, Riley Lass ’14, Chloe Radcliffe ’12, and Linda Gulder Huett ’66.

Ethan Bjelland ’12, Gary Rankila ’68, Christian DeMarais ’11, Kimberly Braun ’11, and Eric Gustavson ’66.










Pictured above are the Hamlets: Christian DeMarais ’11 and Eric Gustavson ’66.







Pictured above are the Horatios: Gary Rankila ’68 and Kimberly Braun ’11.











Pictured above are the Gertrudes: Chloe Radcliffe ’12 and Linda Gulder Huett ’66.


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