Paul Batz ’85 is asking, “When’s the last time you pulled your ‘fun-muscles?'” Posted on October 6th, 2011 by

Don’t miss this interesting, passionate, and tug-at-you-heartstrings blog post written by Paul Batz ’85 (co-founder of What Really Works) all about Gustavus and Homecoming! Here is a little piece of the blog. Read the whole article at

“I’m glad it’s Tuesday morning. Seriously, there’s a couple thousand proud Gustavus Adolphus College people — from California all the way to Georgia — who are just starting to feel back to normal after some strenuous fun-muscle exercising. Thank heavens we don’t party like that every weekend!

Proud Gusties gathered to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of our Alma Mater with vigorous back-slapping, hand-shaking, smile-spreading, hymn-singing, flash-mobbing, joy-jumping, bear-hugging and hand shake collecting. (There might have been some beer-drinking as well).

What a joy to see us all grown up: Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Homemakers, Entrepreneurs; Democrats, Republicans; Gay & Straight — all linked by the values of community, excellence, faith, justice and service….”

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