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safe_image.php_.jpgEric Lennartson ’92 is building his third art installation called “TapeScape” in Pittsburgh, PA at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. TapeScape is an art installation/exhibit made of packing tape stretched on a steel frame. The landscape created is an indoor play area for children not just to explore and play, but also to spark a sense of wonder and thought about the unusual and unexpected use of materials and forms.

tapescape-san-jose.jpgThe shapes and forms of the exhibit exist in nature, in spider webs or caves and also in the built environment in bridges and buildings. This exhibit uses a material many would not think can build with, but many tensile structures like the roof of the Denver Airport have been constructed all over the world. For all the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) principles expressed in this exhibit, it is the improvisational design and composition that are most inviting to the exhibit. Changes to the exhibit are made to encourage children to explore the exhibit thoroughly each time they visit the art installation.

The newest installation will be under construction begining September 30th, 2013 and the Exhibit will be open from October through the holidays. He will post photos to my Facebook page for the project or post through Twitter.

Previous project photos are on my Facebook page fro the project.

The previous installation in California was even the backdrop for a fashion shoot for a Bay Area magazine:

For more information you can call me at 612-202-5675 or e-mail me at

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