Vicki Krenik Hedlin ’64 Posted on April 14th, 2014 by

krenik-hedlin-vicki.jpgMemories: Choir tours – being snowbound in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan and singing and duet with Bill Holm in Town Hall, NYC. Wahlstrom Section 7’s “Talent” shows. Classes from Gerhard Alexis, George Anderson, Charles Hamrum, Don Gustafson, Robert Esbjornson.

Life Path: I taught senior high English for four years in three states, as Monsanto moved Larry around the country. In 1975, we opened an executive search/consulting business and worked together for 18 years. I then became Executive Director of a children’s choral organization and helped grow it to 450 children in Central Iowa. I produced international and national music festivals and led international tours until I retired in 2001.

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