Get to Know a Gustie: Courtney Castleberry ’16 Posted on February 20th, 2019 by


Current Company/Organization: Northside Achievement Zone

Job Title: Family Achievement Coach

Grad Year: 2016

Major: Psychological Science & Sociology and Anthropology

Hometown: Stillwater, MN

Current City: Saint Paul, MN

What is your first Gustavus memory?

The first memory that pops into my head is finding out who my first-year roommate would be! I was nervous, excited, and hopeful we would get along. I love receiving mail, so when I finally got to open that housing notification letter it felt extra special! Looks like Res Life knows what they’re doing- my first-year roommate and I are still friends and still living together!

What was your favorite class and/or professor and why? 

My favorite class was the first sociology course I took on campus with visiting professor Anna Jacobsen! It was the class that got me interested in pursuing a Sociology & Anthropology major.

What do you miss most about your time as a student?

I miss the ease of being able to do everything with people I love – register for the same classes, going to Lund, weekend campus activities, trips to El Agave & Patty’s!

What brought you to campus the last time you visited? 

The last time I was on campus was for Homecoming 2018! I am on the Gustavus Young Alumni Steering Committee & we hosted a service event in the Courtyard Cafe.

How has your Gustavus experience most impacted your life beyond the Hill? 

My Gustavus experience gave me the tools necessary to keep learning, expanding, and growing in my field of work & in my personal life. My professors, peers, and friends helped undergrad Courtney absorb these skills and hang on to them – I am forever grateful for that!

What do you most enjoy about being a Gustie alum?

One of the best things about being a Gustie alum is driving down the highway and seeing so many Gustie parking stickers or Gustie bumper stickers! We are all everywhere going places – it’s awesome!



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