Heather (Harshberger) Fluck ’63 Posted on September 30th, 2020 by

Our older daughter Karen Lieb and husband Travis, are both Army officers. Our grandchildren, David (6) and Charlotte (4) returned to the US this summer after 3 years in Germany. Karen, a LTCol, will retire from the military after reaching 20 years service in January. Linda McAlister, our younger daughter, described as an accomplished soprano, was named Executive Director of the William Schmidt Foundation (Miami OH) after 7 years as competition director. Schmidtvocalarts.org provides college scholarship money through competition events for young singers at college campuses across the country. My husband, Willard and I have an apartment in Hutchinson and our Hector, MN farm is 20 Miles west where the 2020 crop is planted. The last few years I was able to attend High school reunion, GAC reunions, Gustavus Band 140th Reunion ( Fr. Horn), and 3 Minn. Twins Women’s BB Experiences at Target Field. In each of Twins events, I was the oldest attendee and could still catch, pitch, field and throw. Great fun and coaches remind to come again. Baseball is my favorite as upon GAC graduation I was a rookie at fast pitch softball in the Twin Cities. Hope we have Twins BB this year. After 25 years singing with the Woodbury Chorus and Orchestra (www.w-c-o.org) for the benefit of Food Shelves, I called it a career last fall. Great memories including European musical travel.

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